Blend Your Mood With These Room Colors

Blend Your Mood With These Room Colors

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Designing your home is a good investment to make. In home designing, following the trend is most of the time impractical. Trends come and go, but how you design your home that will make you feel comfortable is a good long term investment to make. Painting a room is a basic home remodelling project undertaken by homeowners and you can always blend your mood with the choice of paint colors that you use in room designing. The psychology of color can have a significant impact on the room ambience and it can affect an individual’s mood and thoughts, too. Here are some tricks on how to blend your mood with these room colors for a more comfortable feel when remodelling your home.

Blend colors for a pleasing combination

It is truly a challenge to exercise a good judgment on what color to choose for your room design. Sometimes, the choices of color available for you can be overwhelming. Picking the right shades and tones is crucial in order to create a pleasing combination of colors, so choosing which color to blend is important. This part of color selection is quite intimidating but you can always ask for the help of a home remodelling service provider or a designer for that perfect choice. The color you choose can actually affect the size and shape of the room and can affect the design of the room furnishing. Try to mix and match colors according to your choices and try to see the effect of the color combination before actually painting the room. It is best to blend contrasting colors instead of using the same shades and tones to make a more beautiful color combination for your room.

Creating different moods with color

Each color has a different psychological value that may range from tranquillity to rage. So make sure to choose the paint color wisely. Here are some of the major colors that you can choose when repainting a room and their psychological value in affecting your mood.


Green is the color for tranquillity. It relaxes the eye and brings coolness to the room. When you blend green with blue or yellow, you can draw out some fresh quality and cheerfulness inside the room. It has a calming effect to the senses, making it the perfect color when you want to promote relaxation and a stress-free environment.


Yellow brings out cheerfulness, thus it is a good color to paint your kitchen or dining room. Yellow can uplift your energy and mood, making one feel inspired and happy. It also has an expansive effect to a room to make it look bigger and more spacious.


The psychological value of the color blue is serenity with a calming effect. It is best to use in bathrooms and even on bedrooms. It is safe to go for the softer shade of blue because the dark blue will produce a different effect and may evoke the feeling of sadness.


Purple promotes the color of royalty and luxury. Lighter shades can produce restful quality in the room while the darker ones promote sophistication and dramatic effects.


Red can bring out a high level of energy, which is a good choice if you want to bring out the mood of excitement in the room. When used in a living room, it can stimulate conversation but it is not ideal in a bedroom which is a place to relax as red can be stimulating and invoke a heightened energy level that will prevent you from enjoying a relaxed state.

Neutral shades of black, white and gray

These colors are safe for any room because they are more flexible. They can be stimulating when they blend with darker colors and they produce a calming effect upon blending with softer colors. Black is mainly used as an accent to the main color scheme in a room and it produces elegance and sophistication in your room design.

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